Our Approach

All counseling and treatment services provided by Rimrock Trails are guided by a trauma-informed philosophy that embraces the principles of safety, compassion, collaboration, support, and empowerment.


We believe individuals and families will do well if they can. For most people doing well is always preferable to not doing well, but only if they have the skills to do well in the first place. Our primary goal is to promote individual well-being and strengthen families. We value family involvement and view family participation as integral in the recovery process. 


We blend evidence-based practices from medicine and psychology with historically proven addiction treatment methods. Our methods are strength-based, neurobiologically-grounded, and trauma-informed.


It is estimated that about half of those who experience a mental illness during their lives will also experience a substance use disorder and vice versa. Therefore, our therapists are mental health clinicians who are dually certified addictions counselors. Treatment of both substance use and co-occurring problems in an integrated program are vital to long-term success.


Our Values

Our core values are the cornerstone of our organization. They provide the foundation for our mission and vision and are the guiding force in our decisions and actions. Our core values define who we are. We are steadfast in our continued commitment to them. By adhering to these values we will be known by our communities, clients, and staff as an outstanding service provider. 



1. Excellent Outcomes: We value ongoing assessment and continual improvement of the services we deliver and will be known for achieving results with our clients.  We will measure what is important to clients and achieve excellent outcomes on those measures. We work at identifying and implementing evidence-based practices; assessing treatment fidelity; measuring consumer satisfaction and healthcare outcomes; recognizing and rapidly addressing errors in care, and collaborating with other team members on service improvement.

2. Access and Collaborative Care: We work to eliminate barriers to accessing treatment and collaborate with community partners to encourage client and family engagement in comprehensive care. We will be known for ensuring new and existing clients can get the right care, at the right time, in the right setting, and with the right provider.  We will assume responsibility for service linkage and assure continuity of care occurs. We will offer a broad scope of integrated services and social supports and connect individuals and family members to community resources through face-to-face encounters.

3. Professional Team: We value a diverse, humble, accountable, responsible, and a high performing team that adheres to the highest ethical principles and professional standards at all levels of the organization. We recognize and retain hard-working individuals who demonstrate integrity and the importance and value of teamwork by encouraging professional and personal growth through training, licensure and honoring the importance of balancing work and self-care/wellness.

4. Financial Responsibility: We value fiscal responsibility through the conscientious use of resources to support our mission. We maximize operational efficiencies through effective personnel management, use of technology, and/or improved services. We seek to expand our financial foundation with outside funding; developing relationships with external entities that reduce costs and/or increase revenues. We will be known for providing excellent value by achieving improved health outcomes that are more cost-effective than alternatives.

5. Family Engagement:  Our ultimate goal is to promote individual well-being and strengthen families.  We are equally committed to caring for both individuals and their families. We value family participation as imperative to increase treatment completion rates and positive long-term outcomes.

6. Relationships: We believe people heal in the context of healthy relationships and human connection. We value a philosophical approach where services are developed and delivered in a way that is respectful of, and responsive to, the preferences, needs, and values of the youth and families we serve. We will convey a genuine sense of hope, positivity, and optimism to our clients in a safe, open, culturally competent and non-judgmental atmosphere where individuals and families receiving services can be at ease.    

7. Healing Environment: We value the importance of providing a safe and stable environment that encourages healing, resiliency and restoration. We will continually assess and work toward developing an organizational culture that is trauma informed.

8. Holistic Health and Wellness: We consider the whole person as body, mind, spirit in the quest for optimal health and wellness. We advocate for, teach, and support holistic health, self-management, and recovery approaches to behavioral health conditions

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