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The Kiefer Magical Legacy Fund

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Our mission is to provide comprehensive, evidence-based treatment services to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by mental health and substance use problems. With your help, together we can create a foundation for healing, strengthen family connections, and offer hope for a brighter future.




Our Family Story

Kiefer Leutschaft was the light of our lives. A beloved son, brother, and friend. For the last few years of his life, he suffered from debilitating anxiety, which led to clinical depression. We knew he suffered, but we thought his struggles were normal as he coped with a complicated world, searched for meaningful employment, and tried to build stronger connections with others.


As a local hometown boy, Kiefer grew up in Redmond, Oregon, and attended Redmond High School. He later went on to graduate from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He had a close-knit group of friends and a loving family, but none of us ever imagined that the depth of his struggles would lead him to take his life at the age of 26. A decision that devastated and shattered our family.


Kiefer masked his feelings as a coping strategy. Our family wants to eliminate this stigma and get people talking about the importance of mental health. In addition, we recognize that many individuals are unable to obtain services due to the cost of treatment and high deductibles. This is why we partnered with Rimrock Trails Treatment Services. Their team of mental health professionals works every day to provide comprehensive evidence-based behavioral health services for our shared community.


We would be honored if you would join the movement and contribute to the Kiefer Magical Legacy Fund. In doing so, together, we can shine a light on mental health awareness and ensure access to behavioral health services for children, teens, adults, and families, no matter their financial circumstances.

- The Leutschaft Family

Keep the Magic Alive

When you give a tax-deductible donation to the Kiefer Magical Legacy Fund beyond your regular giving, you help build a legacy that lasts. Since only a portion of the fund is used each year, you will be sustaining ongoing mental health awareness programs, events, and partnerships as well as ensuring that individuals and families have access to comprehensive evidence-based behavioral health services, no matter their financial circumstances.


How can I contribute to the Legacy Fund?

•    One-time or recurring financial contribution

•    Stocks and mutual funds

•    Make a planned gift to the endowment by designating a charitable contribution to the endowment in your     will or trust

  • Qualified Charitable Distribution

IRAs often require a minimum distribution that is taxable. You can gift your IRA distribution to the fund, and Rimrock Trails will receive the 100% of the funds with no tax. Contributions made to the Kiefer Magical Legacy Fund are invested and managed by our financial advisement partner Edward Jones. Rimrock Trails is on a mission. It’s not just about our work today or even tomorrow; it’s about honoring the life and legacy of Kiefer. Together we will shine a light on mental health awareness and ensure access to behavioral health counseling services for years to come.


You will be a catalyst in helping your community grow and thrive!

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You may also mail donations to:

Rimrock Trails Business Office

1333 NW 9th St

Prineville, OR 97754

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