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Get The Focusloop App using your phone by scanning this QR code. 

Focus Loop QR Code.png

If you’ve given what you can but still want to do more, there’s a way to support Rimrock Trails for free! Now you can fund access to mental health and substance use counseling services using only your opinion, and it only takes a moment.  
Rimrock Trails is partnering with FocusLoop, a web-based marketing platform that conducts market research for companies looking to connect directly to their target market through a mobile app. They created a giving back program in which participating non-profit organizations are awarded $1 when their supporters answer a marketing question. The participating businesses are not allowed to ask for any financial or personal information other than your gender and age, and you get to choose if you would like to answer their question or not. You are in charge!
Anyone with an opinion (you know who you are ;) and a mobile device can help our mission and even rally your friends to join forces making the possibilities truly endless!
Ready to make a difference today? Here’s how to help Rimrock Trails with just a few minutes of your time and without spending any of your own money!

1) Get The Focusloop App using your phone to follow this link: or scan the above QR code.

2) Be paid to securely answer easy questions about your interests (ex. Do you like coffee or tea?)

3) Easily route your earnings to Rimrock Trails

That’s it! Get in the loop to fund the important work we all care about so together we can focus on what matters most!

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